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Exec Council Meetings

Tuesdays at 8pm in the NW Conference Room

Unit Council Meetings

Contact your unit council president for the day and time.

Executive Council

The Cary Club Executive Council is the primary student-governing body of the residents of Cary Quadrangle. At this level of the organization, each unit/building of Cary Quadrangle is represented by a Unit President, who in turn represents the residents of their respective units. Each unit will also hold meetings, led by the respective Unit President, to discuss the specific needs of their unit/building.

Executive Officers

President Adam Rice - president (at)
Vice President Andrew Boldt - vicepresident (at)
Treasurer (Business Manager) TJ Herron - treasurer (at)
Scribe Adam Wilmes - scribe (at)
Outreach Director Rick O'Leary
Parliamentarian Arvind Selvakesari - parliamentarian (at)
Residence Hall Assoc. Rep Joe Chandler, Ben Klinker, Ben Lee - rha (at)


Residence Education Coordinator (Cary Outer Units),
Cary Quadrangle
Sean Eddington - advisor (at)

Unit Presidents

Southeast President Peter Redmon - sepresident (at)
East President Brad Reinhardt- epresident (at)
Northeast President Tyler Connolly- nepresident (at)
Northwest President Tyler Connolly- nwpresident (at)
West President Yechan Lim - wpresident (at)
Southwest President Ryan Wilmes - swpresident (at)

Sub Club Presidents

WCCR President

Mike Conaway - wccrpresident (at)

Tech President

Kunal Agrawal - techpresident (at)

Kart President

Michael Jones-kartpresident (at)