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Exec Council Meetings

Tuesdays at 8pm in the NW Conference Room

Unit Council Meetings

Contact your unit council president for the day and time.

Sub Clubs


The Clarion is our underground newspaper, full wild and wacky articles.

Kart Club - Cary Racing

Kart Club The Cary Kart Club. They are responsible for preparing and racing our go-cart in the annual Purdue Grand Prix.
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Cary Tech Club

Cary Tech Club takes care of the needs of residents interested in computers, games, and movies.

WCCR - Cary Club Radio

The Power From Cary Quadrangle Northwest Basement! WCCR is Cary's Radio Station. Listen Live right now from their web site. Check out WCCR Mobile DJ, the perfect dj for dances, parties, and more.
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Cary Volunteer Club

The Cary Volunteer Club is the group within Cary that focuses on improving the quality of Cary Quad through service related projects. They also work closely with the Cary Home for Children, which was originally funded by the same family who funded the construction of Cary Hall (Cary Quadrangle East Unit).